Friday, September 2, 2016

All about me

I am Belen. I am going to write what I like to do. and my favorite things. I like to play basketball with my family. My favorite color is purple. I really like to draw like dresses during my freetime. When I go to the ocean I like to go bodysurfing. I like to take hikes on mountains with my dad. My favorite animals is a bunny or a dog.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Use Imagination or Visual Effect

I will be writing three reasons why The Giver book is better than The giver movie.
1.)There is more detail- I believe that there is more detail in the book then in the movie because reading a description is better for me then seeing it on the screen. I also think that people can imagine an object or something else better in their head because the author might be describing something in the book and the reader may visualize it really good. In the movie the narrator or the character won’t describe a thing or person unlike the book when they do describe. Trying to make a movie inside your head is difficult but it can really help. It has helped me a lot to imagine the movie in my head.

2.)Changing the movie- In my second reason I will be talking about why people change the movie. I think that changing the movie in my opinion isn’t the best idea because there were a couple differences in the Giver book then in the movie for example in the book when Jonas was given rules to become receiver there were more rules in the book then there were in the movie and I thought it was better to have more rules because one of the rules that they left out of the movie was a big one in the book. There were other things that they didn’t go into the movie that would have made the movie better. Probably other people think that there was a good scene in the book that they read and then they saw the movie and the scene wasn’t inside the movie and they really wanted to see that scene. It is hard to fit all that stuff in the book into an one and a half to two hour movie. I think most of the time the book is better than the movie.

3.)Imagination: It is really good to imagine the book as a movie inside your head it helps. If you read a book you really picture the book really good in your head because you are so deep into the book that you just let your imagination go wild. If it were a action pact book you can imagine all the scenes that were cool and had a lot of action of action in it. In the giver I could imagine what the community looked like. In the giver nobody in the community acts crazy and mean etc. because the people in the community don’t really have feelings so nothing bad will happen in the community. If there is a different genre type of book and it takes place in an imaginary place and in the book the person that is narrating the book can describe what the place looks like and then you can imagine the place in your head but then when you watch the movie your looking at the setting and then you are looking for all the things that they were describing inside the book.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Is remembering all your memories a Good thing or a Bad thing?

In this short story The Landscape of Memory by Milton Meltzer this story was about people who remember exact dates they did something where they can remember everything or almost everthing in their life. I was shocked that that happens to people who can remember dates and things that happened in their life. How long can the person remember something?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just Focusing on the Television

In this very short story it is telling us that everybody's looking at their screens nobody is going outside getting fresh air. I was surprised that during the story that nobody would help with a emergency they would just focus on a screen. Wouldn't people get tired at looking at a screen all day.

Looking at a screen but not Mr. Mead

In this short story it was about a man named Mr.Mead and he was walking down the street and realized he never sees anybody else walking because they are looking at a television screen. I was shocked that there was no one else walking down the street or driving down the streets besides the police officer. Why are everyone in their homes just watching tv?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jonas Raising Gabriel

In the last chapter Jonas and Gabriel travel through the snow and Jonas has little strength but he new he was going to be warmth and light. The author did a speech and she read notes that children gave to her and they said what they thought about the book. I was shocked  that the ending was kind of different it just stopped. Why didn't Jonas take Gabe on a journey even though he might have knew that Gabe might become weak?

Jonas and Gabriel on a Journey

In the next chapters 21 and 22 the parents of Jonas says that Gabriel will be released and Jonas is like shocked. Jonas doesn"t want Gabe to be released so he takes Gabe on a journey. They try to survive out in the forest. I was shocked that Jonas would just take Gabe and escape. One time Jonas caught fish and they ate it raw. Isn't it bad to eat raw fish.